Say hello to gadget comparisons 2.0!

Good news everyone!

It wasn’t so long ago that gdgt launched the best product comparison tool on the block. But we weren’t satisfied. So we went back to the drawing board to design and build an even better way to compare (and even suggest) the tens of thousands of products in the gdgt database.

We’ve been hard at work over the past few months rebuilding the whole thing from scratch, and we’re all really stoked for you to use it! Whether you’re speccing out a fancy new flat-panel HDTV, a digital camera for your next vacation, or an e-book reader to dig into a good book, it’s easier than ever to get the hard data on your next device.

So, what’s new in compare? Well, we rebuilt the whole thing from scratch for speed and simplicity. Sorting by specs and highlighting products is incredibly fast, and now all gdgt users — whether registered or a guest — can save their comparisons for later. We also made it possible to add products to your comparisons all over the site! Just look for the compare icon (or hover over any product image you see around the site).

You can also start a fresh comparison by selecting a category from the compare link in the nav bar. Save as many categories of comparisons as you like — they’ll be waiting for you the next time you come back. Best of all, you can even easily share your comparisons with friends, family, and the whole interwebs.

We hope you find our compare tool as fun to use as it is useful!


Happy comparing!

P.S. -Sharing comparisons on gdgt is so easy, we couldn’t help but throw a few together ourselves! Check ‘em out: