Beta test the gdgt Databox for WordPress!

Remember a few months ago when we launched the gdgt Databox on a little blog you may have heard of called Engadget? Well, since then you may have seen the Databox showing up on a few other tech sites here and there, and now I’m super excited to announce that we’re now opening up the gdgt Databox for WordPress to additional beta testers everywhere!

What it is
The Databox is a completely seamless way to make your posts about gadgets and technology more valuable to your readers. Our team of product researchers works day and night building our database of tens of thousands of consumer electronics products — finally, other sites can benefit from this extremely well-organized and up-to-date database! (We use WordPress for the gdgt blog, and you can see a live Databox right at the top of this post!)

How it works
We built a special, highly-optimized version of our Databox for WordPress (already compatible with version 3.4), which automatically matches your posts to our awesome structured product database. If we can’t exactly match any products to your post, the Databox simply won’t appear at all on that post — which means even if you only write about electronics every once in a while you’ll never have to deal with any additional junk on your site. It was built from the ground up to stay completely out of your way.

Once you’ve got your API key it takes five minutes. Seriously, it’s crazy easy. Rarely are any code or template changes even required.

Getting access
First thing’s first: sign up for a gdgt API key here! From there we’ll let you know when we’ve got your API account ready. Please note: we’re slowly scaling up our API infrastructure, so even if you don’t hear from us immediately, you may hear from us soon!

Also: special thanks and big ups to the smart, handsome folks Rackspace who host our API (as well as our live event coverage).